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      (  ) 1. I’d like apply for this part-time job.                     

      A. Ask for help, please.          

      B. Hold it tight, please.

      C. Go and see it, please.         

      D. Fill out this form, please.


      (  ) 2. You’re wearing a very nice hat today, Mary. 

      A. No, just so-so.              

      B. Not at all. 

      C. Thank you.                

      D. I myself don’t think so.                


       ???????? ????15С???С??3???????30????? A??B??C??D ???????У???????????
      (  ) 1. I can't understand _________.
           A. what does Christmas mean       B. what Christmas does mean
           C. what mean Christmas does       D. what Christmas means

      (  ) 2. —Are you good ______ swimming? —Yes, and I think I can help kids ______ it.
      A. with; in       B. with; with     C. at; with     D. with; at

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           As a new student at New York University, I was greatly surprised at the $300 textbook bill. My roommate, a streetwise New Yorker, took note.

         “You want to save a lot of money, don’t you?” he said. “I’ll tell you what to do. Find a couple of (????) upper classmen who took the classes last year and then make a deal (????).”

          I spent the next two days going around the campus and hanging out with the upper class students. To my surprise, I was able to get all my books for only $100. As I’m from Illinois, I thought I had been not only active but pretty slick..

          When I thanked my roommate, I saw that his bookshelf was still empty. “Hey, classes start tomorrow,” I said. “Aren’t you going to buy books?” “What’s for?” he replied. “I’ll just use yours.”     

      (  ) 1. The phrase “took note” (Line 2, Para.1) most probably means “_____”.

      A. wrote down what I said             

      B. wrote a letter

      C. lent money                       

      D. noticed

      (  ) 2. Which of the following is NOT true about the writer’s roommate?

      A. he is from a big city.                

      B. He is a streetwise New Yorker. 

      C. He is a new college student.          

      D. He is eager to help others.

      (  ) 3. The word “slick” (Line 3, Para. 3) most probably means “_____”.

      A. sociable                          

      B. silly

      C. smart                            

      D. guilty

      (  ) 4. From the passage we know that the writer _____.

      A. was from the countryside

      B. was a rather shy person

      C. was happy to make the book deal

      D. expected to get all his books for $100

      (  ) 5. It seems at the end of story the writer feels _____.

      A. grateful to his roommate

      B. being made use of by his roommate
      C. happy to share books with his roommate

      D. respectful of his roommate for his cleverness

      ?ο?????1??5. DDCCB

      ?????????????? 6 ???????????5??????????? 2 ?????10???1????????????????10??????? 20 ???

      1. The new model of the cell phone is priced anywhere from $100 to &500.


      2. If winter comes, can spring be far behind ?

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      References: Christian ???????    global ?????      with high spirit ?????????      

                                        vary ????            tradition  ???      spirit  ????

      ?ο?????It would be wrong to assume that Christmas is only celebrated among the Christians. With the world becoming a global village, Christmas is celebrated with high spirits in various parts of the world. Though the ways of celebration, the dates and the traditions vary, the spirit remains the same everywhere. 

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